Spec Environmental Solutions Inc., 19 Spec Drive, Digby Co., Nova Scotia, B0W 1M0



Over the past 12 years, besides processing product from the local mink industry, Spec Environmental Solutions Inc. also offers waste disposal services to the local fishing & aquaculture industries, which includes lobster & crab shells, salmon, etc.

In 2013, a major expansion was done at our facility which included not only a waste water facility & treatment cells, but also the addition of a compost screening pad. In the picture below, the screening pad can be seen with the compost in windrows, as well as the compost building on the right. The raw product is placed in the building & mixed with mature compost, as well as wood chips. It stays in the building & turned, until composted, which it is then placed outside in windrows.

Screening pad & bldgs - cropped

As mentioned above, wood chips are mixed with the raw product, as it requires a carbon source in order to compost. Unmarketable or unsuitable species of round wood is used & ground on site, which can be seen below. Wood waste from nearby lumber mills is also used.

Log being loaded in rotochopper - cropped

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