Spec Environmental Solutions Inc., 19 Spec Drive, Digby Co., Nova Scotia, B0W 1M0



Spec Environmental Solutions Inc. is approved by Nova Scotia Environment to operate a commercial composting facility, as well as a dewatering and waste water disposal facility.

The following are processed at our facility:

  • Organics, such as manure, mink waste feed, mink pelting plant waste, and fish waste are processed by composting. The resulting compost is then used as a blend for topsoil or sold as compost. Custom compost blends are also available. To view a lab analysis report of our compost, please contact us.
  • Liquid manure is accepted at the facility. The liquid portion is filtered by the waste water treatment facility and the dewatered solids are composted.
  • Wood, including trees, which are not suitable for lumber are ground by our 475 HP Roto-Chopper wood grinder. Wood is used as a feedstock for the compost or used for bio-mass, which is then sold to Université Sainte-Anne to be used in their biomass boiler. A short video of the Rotochopper may be viewed here!
  • Mink oil is being produced by rendering the mink fat. The oil is then exported and used mainly in the leather tannery industry. The mink fat was previously composted, which actually hindered the composting process, due to its properties.

Vacuum truckSpec Environmental Solutions owns and operates a 3,600 gallon, 2,400 psi vacuum truck equipped with an 8 inch remote, hydraulic suction boom. This vehicle is regularly used to pick up waste mink feed and liquid manure for disposal. It is also available to the fishing and other industries for any spills of contaminated product and delivered to the appropriate disposal facility.

Spec Environmental Solutions also supplies 20 foot roll-on containers for pick-up of any dry waste or waste wood.

Septic sludge and municipal organics are not accepted at our facility.

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