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Mink Oil

In 2015, we completed construction of a modern rendering plant, capable of processing all the mink fat available locally. The mink oil produced has been shipped in tanker loads to markets in the United States.

We are currently further refining some oil for specialty markets.

The facility is approved & abides by Nova Scotia Environment department regulations, which requires annual inspections, as well as several monitoring wells that are tested regularly.

Mink oil bldg - Cropped


We are able to supply raw mink oil for the wholesale market in 22,000 (45,000 lbs) tanker loads, as well as filtered, 100% mink oil in the following quantities:

  • 1,000 liter totes
  • 10 liter containers

Minimum requirement for order is 10 liters.

Contact us for a free sample, as well as pricing.

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